I'm not always brilliant. But when I am it's awesome.

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Hi My name is Ash Ganatra. I'm 29 years old and I'm living in London. I Have been working with the web for over a decade and I know my stuff.

Why you want me

I am a multi talented platform agnostic developer and I am always looking for new challenges. If this does not convince you yet then have a look at the rest of this site. I'm sure this helps.

I am extremely technically minded whilst mindful of the fact that successful delivery requires a diverse team and varied inputs. Looking to be part of an organisation where I can excel and grow. A strong Background in ASP.NET MVC (C#) with over 8 years Exp in .NET, html, css and JavaScript including libraries such as jQuery and backbone.js. I am currently expanding my skill set to include mobile development using jQuery Mobile, PhoneGap and backbone.js to develop an iPhone app.

The purpose of this site

  • Hire me
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  • See some of my works

Currently I am working for MyFamilyClub Ltd. and Kingsfield Computer Products Ltd. , as a freelance contractor. However I am also available for more freelance work.

All the best,

Ash Ganatra


Skills I gained over the years. Everything is of course approximately.

I am dedicated to a lot of different fields. So I was able to gain a lot of experiences in various disciplines. If you have any questions regarding my skills, don't hesitate to get in contact with me.

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Thank's to all the great and inspiring people I had the chance to work with !

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.NET Developer

MyFamilyClub Ltd.

MyFamilyClub, owned by DC Thomson, is a website for families aimed and helping them with day to day tasks such as saving money, planning meals, etc,etc...

They have an interesting setup consisting of a WordPress Backend used by editors which is then pulled from the SQL backend and stored in Mongo db and then displayed on the front end in an ASP.NET MVC 4 application.

November 2012 - Current

IT Consultant

Kingsfield Ltd.

Kingsfield IT is a sister company to Kingsfield Computers created in June 2006. Recently we have migrated Kingsfield Computers website from .net to rails and I have been fully hands on in the process from choosing a suitable platform to use as a base for the site to implementing custom extensions to add additional missing functionality to the application. In addition to this I also wrote a custom module, which stores data in mongodb for product properties. Before this I was fully hands-on with all projects using the .NET framework using VB.NET and C#.NET including Web Forms and MVC versions 1 through 4 and with all aspects of the Development life cycle from coding my self as well as managing a remote office in Mumbai, India to implementing testing and introducing agile development practices to the team.

October 2006 - October 2012

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I'm a talented developer. I've got some things up on Github so why don't you go ahead and fork me?

Some Gists I have created

  • SageOrder: Create an Sales order in Sage Accounts 2013
  • Breakout: Exits iframe in a window

Other resources

  • HTML Boilerplate: Based on Boostrap for free download
  • CSS normalizer: Normalizes CSS
My Github Account


Ash Ganatra

187 Wymering Mansions
London, W9 2NQ
P: (07460) 805 830

You can get in touch with me 24 hours, 7 days a week.